WEHO has a new kid on the block that is here to stay!

WOW! Is the perfect opening word for this restaurant interior design and food review. Gracias Madre is a new vegan restaurant perfectly located on Melrose in West Hollywood. From the moment that I laid my eyes on the exterior I was eager to step foot inside to see more, and when I did I was not disappointed. The interior design of this restaurant is so amazing and simple. The designers did a great job at designing a Mexican style space with a modern facelift. What I loved the most about the space is the space planning. The amount of seating that the restaurant has is perfect! You are not awkwardly close to anyone and you can enjoy a conversation without having to shout or worry about others hearing you. The atmosphere was amazing and so was the staff. So how was the food you ask? Delicious! everything that we ordered was truly amazing putting meat to shame! We ordered the kale salad, taquitos, chips, and marinated mushrooms. With that said you must try this restaurant out at least once, add this restaurant to your buck list!

imag2es im3ages images


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